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Longleaf Pine

Longleaf Pine

054_54Longleaf Pine is also known as Antique Pine, Heart Pine, and Pitch Pine. This reclaimed lumber is sturdy with a tight growth-ring pattern, making it a favorable choice for interior trim, beams, exterior paneling and flooring. Using rediscovered wood helps preserve our forests by utilizing timber harvested hundreds of years ago while also providing a higher quality lumber.

Longleaf Pine is a popular form of lumber, and even the Longleaf Pine needles that cover the forest floors of the south-eastern United States have today created a multi-million dollar wholesale industry – with the “Longleaf Pine Straw” being harvested for garden mulch. Longleaf Pine lumber itself is extremely affordable, durable and, as is the case with all reclaimed lumber, offers a unique range of attractive color variations.

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